Monday, June 11, 2007

Wish Away

Title from Serena Matthews (MySpace)

Embarrassing admission #143:

As of this draft, I've loved you for:

Six years,

Twenty-five weeks,

Six days,

Five hours,

and Twenty-nine minutes.


You knew about the first four months because I told you

with clammy palms and seventeen pink pimples on my face

and thousands more goose-pimples under my shirt

in a crowded lunchroom while your best friends stared daggers at me

and the five guys in maroon letterman's jackets two tables down gawked and giggled.

You turned bright red, pushed your hands to your face,

and in twenty-four wide strides, you were out of the cafeteria.

I spent the next year and four months counting it out every day,

and I think I could've caught up to you by the 18th stride.

I wish I'd tried.

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