Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here I Am (Come and Take Me)

Title from Al Green

Sometimes I stutter the starts of sentences

like the rusty red lawnmower I retired last summer.

And with frequent fervor I favor delay,

electing instead to exhume volumes from the library's depths.

I can't comb my curls nor control my cowlicks

nor be counted on to help you move your couch next weekend.

I won't wash my whites without my colors mixed in

and I haven't tied my shoes since I was fifteen.

I don't drive unless the windows are down

with wind shaking the coffee cups and plastic bags in the back

of the car I can't clean 'cause I won't pay the garbage collectors

to haul my house-full of pizza boxes and CD wrappers.

But I'm smitten with you, and if you say it's okay,

I will wake up next to you every morning from now until we die.

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